Terms Of Use

General Terms

You need to have a website to join!

By joining my members area you agree with my terms and follow them even if you haven't read them.

Your website may not contain any adult material or racism of any kind - it must be child friendly.

You must have the no right click, no drag and no image toolbar code installed on your website. These codes are available on Dynamic Drive.
If you need help with those codes please feel free to ask me.

If your website is a blog and/or you use photobucket or similiar services to store your images you need to have the protection scripts as well. If you cannot install them there please ask your blog provider and/or photobucket or similiar services how to protect them.

Your website must be in English or German - these languages I speak fluently. If your website is in another language and/or you write me in an other language I will not accept you as member!

You may not share your login information with anyone.

You have to display your member logo and tube licence with a link back to my website on your membership site within seven days. You will find the member logo with tube licence inside the member area.
Your member logo has to be displayed yon your membership site as long as you are a member. After your membership expired you can remove your member logo unless you continue to use any stuff from my member area - in that case your member logo must remain on your membership site.

You may not share anything inside the member area with anyone or in groups (Yahoo, Google, MSN, Facebook etc.) or in forums.

If you state in your terms that everyone who joins your members area has to give you access to their members area to make sure they are following your terms then I will require access to your members area as well. I will never use anything from your members area without purchasing a membership to your members area first.

The membership to my site is free as well as a tube licence. You have to join through the join form to get full access. You don't have to wait for approval. As soon as you've joined you are able to log in.

All outlines and tubes will be provided in psp and psd format and most of the stuff is on separate layers. No direct linking allowed - please download and save everything to your own harddrive.

If you break my terms I have the right to terminate your membership at any time with no refund being given. If your membership will be terminated due to breaking my terms you may no longer use anything you have downloaded from my website.

Please don't assume anything - if you are in doubt please contact me.



You may use the tubes for personal and commercial use.

You may create sigtags, adoptions, premades, gifts, websets, stationary etc. with them. You have to create something with the tubes, e.g. a little scene. A text link back to my site would be fine wherever you display your creations made of my tubes.

If you create websets and/or stationary with my tubes you have to provide a text link back to my website.

No as is use allowed.

You may not claim the tubes as your own.

No sharing, altering, recoloring and reselling is allowed.

You may not change my tubes in any way! That means you have to use my tubes for your creations as they are - No recoloring allowed! You may erase only a few pixels to fit your needs for e.g. animation.


All sigtags I create I am offering using the SigMachine from dear Sev.

No need to request and wait for the sigtags anymore. After typing in your name and choose between some options for e.g. font, font size, hair color you can directly download the sigtags to your own hard drive.

You may use my sigtags as signature in forums, in your emails, for your collections and to decorate your website.

The sigtags are for your own use only - no sharing with others. You only may make sigtags with your name. Exceptions are friends/sisters and family tags. Those tags will be offered for two names as well. You can make them with your friends/sisters and family members name and gift them to the respective person as well. They have to follow my terms as well. And please no mass production.

You may not alter my sigtags.

You have to link back the sigtags to my website or provide a text link back on the same page you display my sigtags, e.g. bottom of the page.

Web Templates

The templates are for you to create websets for personal and commercial use.

You may not share the templates as they are with anyone else.

You may change the templates for your personal needs.

Please do not remove my credit link at the bottom of the templates.

Even if you change the templates to suit your needs the credit must remain.

I reserve the right to modify the terms at any time without prior notification. Thank you for reading the terms and abiding by them. If you have any questions please feel free to email me:



Terms last modified: January 18,2020